In order to streamline your shipping, you can set up Shipping Profiles (SP) in OrderCup.

You can set up a Shipping Profile for each Requested Shipping Method (RSM) that is defined in your Shopping Cart. A Shipping Profile defines default values for an RSM from your cart. Once a Shipping Profile is set up for a RSM, these default shipping parameters will automatically be selected when the order is retrieved on the Ship Tab in OrderCup for shipping. 

Requested Shipping Method  <-------------> Shipping Profile

Currently, a Shipping Profile consists of an Actual Ship Method (ASM), Package Type, Shipping options, and other options that are applicable based on the Actual Ship Method. For example, the Residential option only applies to FedEx and UPS shipping services.


New Shipping Profile

To set up your Shipping Profiles, go to the Settings Menu on the left nav and Under Stores click Shipping Profile --> New


Once you set values to the fields you will have your Shipping profile Created.

Edit Existing Shipping profile

You can edit existing shipping profiles by following the below steps

Visiting Settings->Shipping Profiles->Click on the Profile you want to edit

Once you update all the information in the above form and click save, you will have the update shipping profile.