You can search for an object (orders, packages, customers), or filter the currently displayed objects based on filter criteria. Searching for an object searches the entire database for the object whereas Filtering only filters the current set of fetched objects that are displayed in the grid.


Searching (Orders, Packages, Customers)

Searching in OrderCup is context sensitive, i.e it is based on the Tab that is currently displayed - if you are on the Orders Tab, it will search Orders, or if you are in the Packages tab, it will search Packages, and if you are on the Customers Tab, it will search Customers. The Search field will display the current context, e.g. Search Orders.

Here are the steps for searching:

  1. Enter the Search value in the Search field at the top (next to the OrderCup logo)
  2. Click Search, and you will see the matching objects are displayed in the grid


The list below shows the Search values you can enter on each of the Tabs: 
  1. Orders: Order ID, Customer Name
  2. Packages: Order ID, Customer Name, Ship Method, Package ID
  3. Customers: Customer ID, Customer Name, Customer Email