OrderCup supports both Laser & Thermal printing for Canada Post. Laser printing is direct printing to your printer whereas thermal printing works by sending the generated PDF label file to your configured Thermal printer. This is different from other carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS where both Thermal & Laser labels print directly to your printer.

NOTE:  Canada Post ONLY supports thermal label printing for contract accounts at this time.

Canada Post with UPS or FedEx

If you have other carriers (like UPS, FedEx) configured along with Canada Post, you need to follow the Setting up your printer (Windows)  or Setting up your printer (Mac OSX)  based on your Operating System.

Canada Post Laser and Thermal Printers

To print to your Laser or Thermal printer for Canada Post, you still need to detect your printers as described in the article Setting up your printer (Windows)  or Setting up your printer (Mac OSX) based on your Operating System.

Printing to Thermal Printer

Since Canada Post does not support native thermal printer formats, OrderCup has implemented printing to thermal printers via PDF format. To print Canada Post labels and packing slips to a thermal printer, just click on "Print Label" on the Ship Tab. This will create a  label (and customs form if needed) in PDF format. If you have a application like Adobe Reader installed, the PDF will be opened in the application, otherwise it will be opened in a new tab of your browser. Once the PDF is displayed, all you need to do is select the appropriate Thermal Printer from the printer list of the print dialog and then click the Print button.

The following screenshots depict how to print a thermal label via  a PDF file: