You need to verify your UPS Account in order to see your Account Based Rates (ABR) in OrderCup. ABR is also referred to as Negotiated Rates commonly.

In order to verify your UPS Account, you will need a recent UPS Invoice (older than a couple of weeks). Here are the steps to verify your UPS Account.

1) Go to Settings --> Carriers & Fulfillment  --> UPS

2) Click the link 'Verify UPS Account to retrieve Account Based Rates'

3) Enter the information on the form from your UPS invoice. Use the following screenshot of a UPS invoice as a guide (it matches the above image so you can correlate the values:

  • 5 digit Zip code: In the pic below, there is only one zipcode on the Invoice, so you would enter 20016.  However, if you have two addresses, the other one being on the top left of the invoice, tthen use the other zip code!

  • Invoice date:  Enter it in the format yyyymmdd, i.e. for November 24, 2012 you will enter 20121124

  • Invoice number: Enter the entire number, including any number of zeroes in the beginning

  • Invoice amount:  Enter the amount under “Amount due this period” (not Total Amount Outstanding)

  • If you still get errors, try only filling out the left side first. Later, when you get a newer invoice, you can try the Right side again.

4) Click Next. If the verification works, you will see a Success message.